2.4.2018 DBE Core was a founder and now an active member of the CaaS Nordic association. Press release (FI).

28.3.2019 DBE Core Oy and Vediafi Oy won tendering and was nominated by Ministry of Transport and Communications to form a “Map of distributed data sharing in logistics” 1.4.-30.8.2019.

Past event

6.2.2019 We have started to prepare the new project for Orchestration 2019-2020

20.12.2018 New project for DBE Core Transport co-creation by Aalto

21.11.2018 Blockchain Summit Helsinki

28.8.2018 Kasvun moottori, Workshop, Helsinki

27.8.2018 Maritime Industry, Workshop and Steering Group, Turku

24.8.2018 Process Industry, Workshop and Steering Group, Helsinki

20.8.2018 Transportation and Logistics, Workshop, Helsinki

2.2.2018 Steering Group Meeting, Lappeenranta

22.1.2018 dLab Workshop, Helsinki

25.8.2017 Technical Data integration seminar, Helsinki

19.5.2017 Steering Group Meeting, Lappeenranta

10.4.2017 Blockchain Workshop, Helsinki

15.-16.2.2017 API Hack, Lappeenranta

3.2.2017 Steering Group Meeting, Helsinki

25.11.2016 Steering Group Meeting, Helsinki

12.9.2016 Steering Group Meeting, Lappeenranta