Testbeds are a major part of developing integration solutions for the DBE Core community. The Testbed work is done by Technical Group TG, and represented by experienced IT members in the field of API development. The practical improvement is done in API Hackathons with the use of the IBM Bluemix platform, which was designed for the DBE Core community. The results of the API Hackathon work are then tested in business driven pilots. The DBE Core consortium has a steering group which will have a final acceptance of the work for consortium level deployment. Project facilitates regular workshops where new ideas, opportunities and research issues are discussed and generated. Testbeds are designed and driven according to the new ideas.

The goal of API Hackathon

API stands for Application Programming Interfaces. APIs are key enablers for DBE Core integration development by business people, IT managers, and developers alike. As a DBE consortium, we are keen on developing open, public APIs to accelerate the integration of business processes. Our goal is to make modern business ecosystems to rethink their approach to innovation and integration. Developing business APIs help change business models and later, the integration of devices and sensors in the digital supply chain environment. The API development was chosen to collaborate with an IBM Bluemix environment that was offered as an open development platform by IBM Finland. We have established the Technical Group (TG), which contains the core capabilities for API development.