Digital Business Ecosystem

The Digital Business Ecosystem is an open development platform that aims to create new value by integrating supply chain processes and data. DBE brings an easy solution for digital information exchange. The goal is to get all of our stakeholders to move towards standardised integration of business transactions and collaboration processes. We started with the Finnish process industry, and we’re aiming to grow the ecosystem across industries globally. Join us now!

Improving your company’s competitiveness

DBE Core enables the integration of business processes by the aid of API integration. It can be widely used in the areas of sales, sourcing, procurement, logistics and transaction based financing. With our solution, you can save up to 4% to the bottom line by automating . We offer an agile supply chain with transaction-based banking that generates new working capital by supply chain financing. Information exchange, accurate data and quick integration are just a few of our benefits. DBE Core is based on global established standards.

Showing the way forward

The DBE Core community will lead the integration work together within the supply chain. The next step is to establishing the integration based on API development, since APIs provide fast end to end integration. For this we will establish joint API Hackathon in the environment of IBM Bluemix platform. Once establishing the API stack is done, companies will start the testing and piloting for the final deployment. 


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